An experience involving all the senses

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” (Marcel Proust)

Watch the landscape and save it in your heart
Listen to the land’s voice and stand by the sound of silence, far from the teeming city
Taste the culinary traditions and the typical dishes
Touch and Live the land
Enjoy and do what you like the most

about us

Video produced in 2013, during the first planning step, showing the original homestead as it was before its renovation

It rises from a  dream

The quest for new values begins from the legacy of old-time knowledge and flavours. Coming back to childhood towards a new future.

The production, gathering and conversion of aromatic and officinal herbs is still made using the old-fashioned farming techniques, just modernized by applying the new technologies.
Since the beginning, the products of the earth, their farming and their use, are the best way for everybody to feel himself as a member of the community, with no class distinction.

We support the social inclusion of disadvantaged people by involving them into the life of the community.

The task of the farmer is also to handing down his environment’s wealth from generation to generation.

We believe that through a cooperating net within the territorial workers, we’ll be able to maintain the biodiversity of this territory, and to promote it.

Where we are?

Surrounded by a magnificent country full of charm, Erba Regina is placed in a wonderful area, the so called “Castelli Romani” (Roman Manors), part of the Frascati County.

It’s just few miles from the centre of Rome and from Ciampino International Airport.

So much green, so much quiet… and even so, quite close to Rome. 

To stay in Erba Regina will give you the feeling of another world, feeling at home.

Erba Regina is…

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