Always unique, never different.

Since the beginning, Erba Regina promotes a business model where everyone is unique, but nobody is different.

We think that values like the job stability and its continuity are essential for the welfare and the self-esteem of everyone, especially disadvantaged people.

According to this, since 5 years we host people with particular abilities and we arrange our production in order to make it available for everyone.

We’re trying to make our world a better place, where everyone’s ability will be recognized, in solidarity

As in old farmer’s families, where every person has his role, so is for us. In our family everyone is part of the community

A piece of everyday life.

Alchibio Project

In 2015 the Regional Council supported the Alchibio Project for the inclusion of disadvantaged people in companies. The Project has grown in years, and in 2019 the Regional Council supported the Alchibio 2 Project, which aim is to evolve the acquired competences of disadvantaged people in order to allow them to work as a freelancer, too.