Country House Erba Regina

Getting out from the world, feeling home

Getting out from the world, feeling home

Either work…

…or vacation…

…even just curiosity

Whatever is the reason, when you spend some time in Erba Regina

our aim is always the same:

To make you feel just like someone “came out from the world”

and to make you feel comfortable, too. Because “our house is your house”

The Farmstead

Passing the baton.

The house was built in 60’s by Mr. Bruno, who put on a farm for his leisure, away from the city frenzy life. And in 2012 he left it to us, aware of our common social intent. 

It was renovated trying to keep its details: original wooden truss, use of traditional roof and bricks, and so on.

In place of the old barn, there is the hall and the tea room, while on the second floor we got three rooms with a view upon the officinal garden (orto dei semplici)

In place of the depot for tractor and equipment, now there is the restaurant room, keeping the original entrance and placing an amazing glass wall. 

In place of the stables, now there is the kitchen.

In the old porch we built seven rooms, all of them have reserved entrance.

The sight

The farm is 3 ha. (more than 7 acres) and is placed on the slope of a prehistoric volcan. The whole area is well-known for its wine production and offers a magnificent view of the Castelli Romani (the “Roman Manors”, several medieval town like Frascati, Monte Porzio, Monte Compatri, Rocca Priora and Colonna), while on the East lays the old town of Tivoli and on the North there is the city of Rome and the Mount Soratte.

Our rooms

Ore farmstead has 10 rooms, all of them equipped with:

  • air conditioning/heating
  • television
  • fridge
  • hair-dryer
  • boiler
  • safe locker
  • wi-fi
  • linen

Our “Garden”

Our Garden
As in old monastery, we have a garden of more or less 1 acre where it is possible to admire, smell and pick up about 70 different kind of aromatic and officinal herbs.
It is always fluid and in gradual change, because either of the seasons or our constant search for new kind of herbs.
It’s the astounding Nature law, and it sprawl endlessly, due to a breeze, or the bees.
We face everyday the same difficult choice: get rid of the infensting herbs, or maintain them?
For us, weeds too are precious opportunities of new research.

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